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    Diversity Equity
    and Inclusion

Diversity is a relational concept that shows up in the composition of teams and organizations and shows up as a collective measure. People are not individually diverse however the team must be.
Equity not to be confused with equality, equity ensures everyone has access to the same opportunities. Differences exist and people will require different types of support. Equity acknowledges this and works to help people overcome and elevate people to an equal playing field.
Inclusion this is about ensuring everyone feels valued. This relates to the quality of human experience and to ensure that everyone feels included as an individual and group.



Definition of Diversity

Demographic Diversity

  • Race
  • Colour
  • Religion
  • Gender
  • Gender identity or expression
  • Sexual orientation
  • National origin
  • Genetics
  • Disability
  • Age

Experiential Diversity

  • Job roles
  • Skills expertise
  • Abilities
  • Hobbies
  • Education
  • Background in industry vs. non-industry

Cognitive Diversity

Approach to thinking about things and solving problems


Guiding Principles

Doing it with purpose

  • How can DEI be done the “right way”?
  • We want to have authentic conversations about sensitive topics
  • We want our actions to support our message

Make information accessible

  • Present content in a way that is easy for people to digest
  • Accessibility in terms of presenting both visual and audio content for different learning styles

Remember that everyone enters the conversation with different levels of knowledge and experience

  • Everyone’s experiences will be different
  • Some people will have no prior knowledge about pronouns and gender terminology
  • People may not feel comfortable speaking about DEI due to fear of misspeaking or offending

Focus on business benefits that come from diverse teams

  • While there are financial gains, we want to highlight other benefits
  • A diverse workplace means diverse ways of thinking


PPAI’s website which includes the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Playbook plus more resources:





Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee

1.0 Committee Purpose
To empower and celebrate diversity, equity and inclusion within the PPPC while supporting the mission of PPPC to lead, inspire and advance the industry, via:

• Educate - diversity, equity and inclusion are important, intentional action makes a difference
• Equip - give members tools to do their own diversity and inclusion work
• Amplify - give a bigger voice to under-represented groups
• Act - foster more diversity within our association and on PPPC committees and board

2.0 Responsibilities
Committee members seek to inspire change in their own work life/businesses and to provide DEI leadership within the industry.
The DEI Committee is responsible for planning activities to advance the committee purpose. Typical activities include:

• Content strategy and content production for PPPC Weekly e-blast
• Educational sessions
• Maintenance and evolution of the webpage

3.0 Membership
The committee will consist of at least six individuals from PPPC member companies. Anyone from a PPPC member company of good standing is welcome to join the committee.

4.0 Meetings
Meetings will be held 10 times per year, typically once per month from September to June.

5.0 Chair
Once a year, typically in September, the committee will recommend a new chairperson to the Board for approval. A chairperson may hold the position for a maximum of 24 months, but a 12-month term is preferable.
The Chair is responsible to:

• Call meetings of the committee.
• Chair meetings of the committee.
• Designate another Board member who is a committee member to chair the committee in the Chair’s absence.
• Report to the Board on the work of the committee.
Date Last Reviewed: June 9, 2021


Links & Resources

Article: How to define diversity, equity, and inclusion at work

Podcast: Different People, a podcast offering straight talk on diversity, inclusion and belonging with a psychologist & a leadership coach.

Podcast: PromoKitchen

YouTube: From the author of "So You Want To Talk About Race", Ijeoma Oluo

PPAI Education: Free education session from Expo 2021 where Johanna Gottlieb, Sonja Smith, and Quianne Perrin Savoy discuss diversity, inclusion, and allyship in the promotional product industry and how individuals, business owners, and community members can do more to be a part of the solution.

Article: Should You Put Pronouns In Email Signatures And Social Media Bios?