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The Promotional Products industry has grown and prospered because of the creative spark and dedication of many. However, there are some individuals whose selfless efforts and devotion to the industry are monumental. It is these individuals to whom the Promotional Product Professionals of Canada give permanent recognition through induction into the Association’s Hall of Fame.

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To be eligible for induction into the PPPC Hall of Fame, the nominee must have been a member of PPPC for a minimum of 15 years, distinguished himself/herself through outstanding contributions to the Promotional Products Industry in Canada and in their respective communities. They must be people of good character who carry themselves with humility, honesty, and integrity. Hall of Famers are “Beacons in our Midst”.

Current members of the PPPC Board of Directors are not eligible. If a candidate has served on the Board, he or she must have been off the Board for four (4)

At the time of nomination, the nominator must not be employed by the same company or affiliate as the candidate; there shall have been a period of four (4) calendar years since the two were with the same company or affiliate.


Outstanding contributions to the Promotional Products Industry in Canada and to the community include but are not limited to:

• Association Involvement
• Personal/Community Involvement & Achievements
• Company Affiliations
• Other contributing factors

Nomination Procedure

Nominations received before the deadline shall be screened by the H.O. Judging Coordinator to eliminate ineligible individuals or incomplete nomination forms. The nominator must ensure accurate dates are entered that support the nominee’s activities for verification by the H.O. Judging Coordinator.

After verification, nominations will be forwarded to PPPC’s Hall of Fame Committee (members of the Hall of Fame) who will evaluate each candidate by means of a weighted points system allocated to each criterion on the nomination form. Candidates must score a minimum of 60 points in Section ‘A’ – INVOLVEMENT IN THE PROMOTIONAL PRODUCT PROFESSIONALS OF CANADA plus a minimum of 25 Points in Sections ‘B’ and ‘C’ combined, for a total candidate score of 85 points in order to be eligible for consideration. Each judge will submit his/her scores in strict confidence to the Judging Coordinator. Scores are not shared amongst the judges or divulged to any other party at any time.

The Judging Coordinator then informs the Hall of Fame Committee of the names of the candidates who have scored the required minimum aggregate score of 85 points of which 60 points must have been achieved in Section ‘A’. A conference call is then held by the Hall of Fame Committee members who participated in the scoring process to discuss the accomplishments of the qualifying nominee(s) to determine who best meets the criteria for induction into the Hall of Fame.

When the majority of Hall of Fame Committee members reach a consensus, the Chair of the Hall of Fame Committee then formally notifies the National Board of Directors in writing of the Committee’s final selection for induction into the Hall of Fame.

The Board of Directors then vote on the recommendation of the Hall of Committee. If accepted, the nominator and the nominee will then be informed of the good news.

Candidates who meet the minimum scoring requirements as outlined above, but who are not inducted, will automatically be reconsidered for induction in the next two years (for a total of three years) by the Hall of Fame Committee. After that period of time, if the individual has not been inducted, he/she must be nominated again before being reconsidered. Candidates who score less than the minimum required points will not be automatically reconsidered. They must be nominated again.



Hall of Fame

kurt reckziegel

Watch Kurt’s virtual induction here (29:37).


Watch the video of David’s induction ceremony here


Watch the video of Carol’s induction ceremony here


Mark Wingrove started in the promotional product industry over 25 years ago. Wanting to become more involved in the association, Mark volunteered on the Ontario Chapter Board and the PPPC National Board, where he acted as Chair, in 2010. During his reign on the National Board, Mark lent his knowledge and expertise to Events, Governance and the PPPC Awards program, where, as Chair, he proposed the introduction of the Momentum Award.

Mark took his knowledge of the industry to greater heights, when he obtained his MAS accreditation. He later on went on to share his knowledge and industry experience with others, by presenting a seminar at the PPPC TOPS shows across the country, entitled “The Power of the Brand”. Mark was also on the committee that produced the original “What New Members Need to Know” course, targeted to new members of the association.

Mark makes an effort to be present at every industry event, whether it’s a hockey tournament, a Chapter social or an education event, he is always in attendance and encourages others to participate and get involved! Mark’s enthusiasm for the industry is contagious! He sees the bigger picture and is continuously spreading his knowledge of the industry, to help others grow and reach new heights of success.


At the time of her induction, Merle Linde, MAS, was in her 18th year as a member of PPPC. Merle served as Chair of the Board of Directors in 2008 and made a significant contribution by creating and writing the Board Members Procedure Manual. Merle also served as Chair of the British Columbia chapter and spent over 5 years as a member of that regional Board.

Merle is very serious about education and obtained and maintained her MAS accreditation, conducted Education Day seminars and co-authored The Art of Selling Premiums & Incentives with Lynda Gallant, MAS and Carol de Ville, MAS.

Over and above her dedication to both the Chapter and National Boards, Merle always offered her time and expertise to assist in building programs and was extremely generous as a mentor.

Merle’s gained a reputation as a stellar distributor amongst suppliers and even amongst other distributors. Her dedication, commitment and love of the industry are only surpassed by her dedication, commitment and love for her family.


Steve has been a member of the PPPC for over 32 years and is the owner of one of the Association’s longest standing member companies. In 1996 Steve was elected to PPPC’s (at the time PPAC) National Board of Directors. During his 7 year term Steve served and chaired numerous committees including two terms as Chair of the Membership committee at a time of very rapid membership growth within the Association. Steve’s tenure on the board culminated in 2003-2004 with his appointment as Chairman of the Board.

Steve is a founding member of PPPC’s Scholarship Committee and continues to provide guidance, oversight and support to this initiative. The value Steve places on education is evident through his MAS accreditation, his role as an active speaker at PPPC educational events and his participation and support of the PPPC Ambassador and Professional Development program as a whole.

Steve transformed an old model of a distributor in the Promotional Products industry into a growing, relevant company that over 150 industry sales practitioners and support staff are happy to be associated with. Steve knows that dedication, hard work and personal sacrifice builds memories and relationships that last a lifetime and is highly respected amongst his sales people, his vendors and even his competitors.


Inducted in 2013, Brian Shippam had spent over 38 years as a Distributor member of the PPPC. Responsible for the initial growth of the PPPC Manitoba Chapter, Brian was then elected to the National Board of Directors and served his term as Chairman of the Board and proud host of the National trade show in Winnipeg in 1986!

From the beginning Brian saw the value in Education and it was at an industry education seminar in 1977 the Brian was awarded a scholarship as “the most promising” individual of the group and his tuition was paid for the next year for the advanced level. It’s been said that it wasn’t an industry event if Brian wasn’t there. He rarely missed a tradeshow, event or party as he wanted to keep up with new products and styles but also wanted to stay in touch with suppliers and other distributors; lifelong friendships were made.

Anyone who knows Brian is drawn to his fun, caring and positive personality. He is enthusiastic about what he does – add to this his creativity and business expertise and you have one successful well-loved individual. Brian and Geri, his wife of over 50 years, are now enjoying retirement with their youngest son Scott at the helm of Shippam & Associates.


The 28th Member of the PPPC Hall of Fame is Stan Gallen, Owner and Senior VP Sales & Marketing of Debco Bag Distributors, PPPC member since 1992. While Stan has not held a position on the National Board of Directors, he is an extremely well known supporter of the Association and Industry. Stan is a “true believer” in the Association of PPPC, as well as upholding everything the PPPC Code of Ethics stands for in our Promotional Products Industry.

Stan took joining the Industry very seriously. He studied it, got to know the key players, hired the right people and turned Debco, in a very brief period of time, into one of the best and most respected suppliers in this Industry. Not only that, it’s been said that he set a new standard in customer service, one that our Industry had never seen before. He did things that were unheard of at the time such as sending out proofs, delivering on tight deadlines and re-did orders, without question, that weren’t up to “his” standards.

He is one of our Industry’s most respected individuals; a status he earned through a combination of hard work and caring about and connecting with his customers on a personal level, which is rarity for anyone, let alone a principal. Truly one of a kind, Stan has left an indelible mark upon the Association and Industry.

27th Inductee – 2010

Jae M. Rang, MAS

26th Inductee – 2009

Céline Pilote

25th Inductee – 2007

Serge Dumesnil

24th Inductee – 2006

Peter Kmech Sr.

23th Inductee – 2004

Susan Heslop, CAS

22th Inductee – 2004

Lucien Levesque

21th Inductee – 2002

Anthony Ronci Jr.

20th Inductee – 2001

Félix Bolduc, CAS

19th Inductee – 2000

Dick Cogan

18th Inductee – 1999

Raoul Payot

17th Inductee – 1998

Fred Oesen

16th Inductee – 1997

Roch Desjardins

15th Inductee – 1996

H. Ted Olson

14th Inductee – 1995

Dan Daniels

13th Inductee – 1994

Raymond Brodeur

12th Inductee – 1993

Ernie Brennan

11th Inductee – 1992

Ian Ward

10th Inductee – 1991

Brad Milne

9th Inductee – 1990

Ralph Loder

8th Inductee – 1989

Ron Frechette, CSP

7th Inductee – 1988

Jean Auty

6th Inductee – 1987

John Perkins

5th Inductee – 1985

L.W. Roy Pollard

4th Inductee – 1984

Lester L. Fox

3rd Inductee – 1983

Simon Gendron

2nd Inductee – 1982

Ken Heslop, CAS

1st Inductee – 1981

Roger Gagnon


2nd recipient – 2015

Pat Morris

1st recipient – 2008

Kurt R. Reckziegel




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