Crisis: The Mother of Reinvention

Join us for a presentation on how the current crisis is a perfect opportunity to reinvent…You…Your company…YOUR BRAND! Hear examples of some of the world’s most iconic brands mired in their own crisis, and teetering on the verge of extinction, worked to rebrand and gain trust and the market position they have today.
Whether you are a Supplier or a Distributor, there are poignant takeaways for both. We will discuss examples of how you may become the one service clients need and stick with above all others. Be better than your competition, better today than yesterday…but not quite as good as you will be tomorrow. You will understand how to analyze your business and your clients, and then develop plans and processes to improve you and your relationship to those you must value.

Alex Jovetic

Alex Jovetic is an accomplished promotional industry veteran, enjoying success for 25 years as a Senior Executive for both Suppliers and Distributors in Sales & Marketing, as well as Vender Relations and Procurement.
Prior to Joining the Industry, Alex was an Account Director for a Marketing Communications and Advertising Agency, securing and developing the largest portfolio on the company with Tropicana, Hostess/FritoLay, and Parmalat as his clients. Alex enjoys public speaking, and has been an accomplished and sought after educational speaker delivering topics of his passion to engagements outside of the Promotional Industry.
Alex has great passion for and belief in the power and messaging of the Promotional Products Industry as evidenced in his almost fourteen year volunteer service to the Owner-Members of PPPC. That tenure has culminated with Alex as having become the Chair of the Board of PPPC, and leading with the Executive and Directors of the Board through the association’s greatest challenges including the ravages of the Covid-19 Pandemic. He currently serves the final chapter of his volunteer service as Past Chair the board of PPPC.
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