Who We Are

In 1956, a group of people actively engaged in the promotional products business got together and legally formed a not-for-profit, federally chartered organization in Montreal called Specialty Advertising Counselors of Canada (SACC). The name was later changed to Specialty Advertising Association of Canada (SAAC) in 1982, updated to The Promotional Products Association of Canada (PPACanada) in 1992. On November 1st, 2007, the current name of Promotional Product Professionals of Canada Inc. (PPPC) was adopted.

The PPPC head office is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba today, staffed by eight employees, each a professional in their field, to serve its over 1,300 members in both official languages. Reflecting the structure of the industry, PPPC has two main types of membership: Suppliers and Distributors.


Our vision at the Promotional Product Professionals of Canada is for promotional products to be the premier choice of advertising in Canada.

Our Mission at the Promotional Products Professionals of Canada is to Facilitate business and knowledge growth for the Canadian promotional products community.

We shall respect the opinions of, and fairly represent all categories of membership in the promotional products association.

We shall support the communities in which we live and operate.

We shall help our members grow their Canadian businesses

We shall support the communities in which we live and operate.

We shall emphasize communication, education, recognition, and development of our members within the association and within the community.

We shall conduct our business affairs with uncompromising integrity.

We shall strengthen business relationships between suppliers, distributors, Multiline Representatives (MLR’s) and clients by providing products and services of the greatest value through creativity, innovation, and quality.

We shall respect the rights of all our members with dignity and equality regardless of demographic*, experiential**, or cognitive diversity.

We empower and celebrate diversity, equity, and inclusion, supporting the PPPC mission to lead, inspire and advance. We aim to educate and equip members, amplify underrepresented groups, and foster diversity within our association.

*Demographic Diversity: race, colour, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, family status, ability level, and age.

**Experiential Diversity: job roles, skills expertise, abilities, hobbies, education, background in industry vs. non-industry

1.1 Conduct business at all times in ways that maintain high ethical standards.

1.2 Demonstrate a commitment to honesty, integrity, truth, fair competition, customer service and good taste in both business practices and promotional activity.

1.3 Obey the letter and spirit of the law with respect to the province of the business transaction, and of Canada.

1.4 Strive to be good corporate citizens in terms of philanthropy, respect for the environment, job creation, product health and safety, and support for society’s well-being.

1.5 Reject any business practice that is misleading, illegal, unprofessional or otherwise in violation of this Credo.

1.6 Respect the confidentiality of member’s clients and business relationship of member clients and contacts.

1.7 Avoid any action that violates or diminishes the legal and civil rights of customers, employees, or others with whom they may have a business relationship.

1.8 Advise the Association when there is behavior that appears to be inconsistent with this Code of Ethics and jeopardizes the reputation of the industry into disrepute.

National Board of Directors

Head Office