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PPPC CEO Jonathan Strauss hosts PromoCast Canada with the purpose of shedding light on the perspectives of our diverse membership. Members across Canada have valuable stories and information to share. Each episode of PromoCast Canada will feature Jonathan interviewing different members of the community and other Canadians who have expertise that will benefit listeners. Each conversation will dive deep into topics surrounding different areas and trends of promotional products that we don’t always get to experience. Proactive ideas, innovative strategies, and passionate people – listeners will learn something new each time they tune in!

Promocast Canada is Released Monthly

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Jonathan Strauss

As President and CEO of PPPC, Jonathan works with the board of directors on development and implementation of strategy and goals. Jonathan works hard andspends a lot of time developing and maintaining key partnerships with PPPC members and external partners.

With plenty of experience hosting webinars and keynote presentations, as well as substantial experience producing events, Jonathan is well equipped to host a podcast. He is excited to interview his colleagues and other members of the PPPC community to learn and share more about the industry we know and love.

Jonathan started his entrepreneurial journey in 1995, at the age of 16. Since then, Jonathan has had the opportunity to work with many national and provincial associations and began working with PPPC in 2018. As President and CEO of the PPPC, he enjoys interacting with so many different people and the opportunities to develop partnerships that benefit the industry.

Latest Episodes

PromoCast Canada – Heidi Reimer Epp

35:54 | 19 April 2022

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PromoCast Canada – Mitch Freed, Genumark

40:16 | 29 March 2022

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PromoCast Canada – Zak Karim, Big K Clothing

29:23 | 15 February 2022

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Episode 7 – Gavin Rich, President of Tough Duck

32:20 | 16 November 2021

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Episode 6 – Shirley Van, Managing Director at I_Imprint

22:37 | 2 November 2021

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Episode 5 – Sandra Harssar, President of Bright Ideas, Chair of the PPPC National Board

30:42 | 19 October 2021

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Episode 4 – Laura Hansen, President of Image Group Inc.

29:05 | 5 October 2021

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Episode 3 – Rob Spector, President and CEO of Spector & Co.

30:00 | 22 September 2021

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Episode 2 – Sam Singh, President and CEO of Full Line Specialties

28:15 | 7 September 2021

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Episode 1 – Max Baer, Chair of the PPPC National Board

26:55 | 24 August 2021

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