Humanitarian Awards

Nominations are now open for the 2023 season!

The PPPC Humanitarian Award was established in 2008 and is presented to those individuals who have demonstrated the spirit of humanity through volunteer work, advocacy, leadership and/or philanthropy in their community or around the world.

Review the guide below to learn everything you need to collect for this award’s nomination.
Please check the eligibility section below before you begin.

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Note: Online nominations can be SAVED and returned to at any time before the nomination deadline, so start your online submission now!

Note: Online nominations can be SAVED and returned to at any time before the nomination deadline.

Deadline for submission: June 30, 2023


The nominee must be a member of PPPC.

Current members of the PPPC Board of Directors are not eligible.

Candidates may be nominated by someone within the same company; however, seconders must be from outside of the nominee’s company.

Humanitarian acts are considered those which benefit people or groups outside of the nominee’s own company. Acts which benefit the nominee’s employees or their family members will not be eligible for this award.

Community & Charitable Contributions

The nominee has demonstrated the spirit of humanity in their community through charitable and/or philanthropic involvement as well as other achievements. The nominator must highlight how the nominee meets the criteria for the award.

Procedure for Nomination

A nominator must be a PPPC member in good standing. The interactive nomination form must be filled in and the requested supporting documentation attached. One seconder (PPPC member in good standing) must be found by the nominator. If desired, a maximum of four seconders will be accepted. The number of seconders presented will not increase the chances of the nominee receiving the award.

Supporting documentation:

Nominee Verification

The nominee does not have to be aware of your nomination. You will be asked to confirm whether or not they know in your nomination.

Procedure for Election

Nominations received before the deadline will be screened by the H.O. Judging Coordinator to eliminate ineligible individuals or incomplete nomination forms. The nominator must ensure that accurate dates and information are entered to support the nominee’s activities for verification. After verification, nominations will be forwarded to PPPC’s Hall of Fame Committee (members of the Hall of Fame) who will evaluate each candidate based on the information submitted.

Results are submitted in confidence to the Judging Coordinator and cannot be shared or divulged.

Following the consensus of the majority of Hall of Fame Committee Members, the Chair of the Hall of Fame Committee will notify the PPPC Judging Coordinator of the Committee’s final candidate selection for the Humanitarian Award. Candidates who meet the qualification criteria but who are not selected will automatically be re-entered for the next two years (a total of three years). After that period of time, if the individual has not been selected, he or she must be nominated again before they will be reconsidered.