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Build partnerships with a PPPC Multi-Line Agency membership.

PPPC Multi-Line Agency membership offers advantages to keep you ahead of the curve in the promotional products industry.

Exclusive networking events offer invaluable connection opportunities. Keep in touch with the PPPC Membership Directory, get inspired with the Idea Book Catalogue and stay informed with a weekly e-newsletter. 

A PPPC membership allows you to provide better service to your clients with SAGE ArtworkZone — the industry’s first comprehensive artwork services solution. Personalize your membership by opting into benefits and travel discounts, booth exhibits and/or voting rights. PPPC offers Multi-line Agency Reps (MLRs) professional learning and development programs for all levels within the promotional product industry, including free education sessions, conferences, and webinars that all lead to certification to distinguish yourself as a professional in the industry.

Unlock these benefits and more when you become a PPPC Multi-Line Agency member.

Membership Requirements

  1. Have worked full-time in the promotional products industry with a corporation member company as an employee, sales representative or multi-line representative for at least twelve (12) consecutive months and submit names of previous employers for the last three (3) year period immediately preceding the application
  2. Provide the corporation with the names of the suppliers that the applicant represents at the date of application with a minimum of two (2) PPPC supplier members in good standing
  3. Provide evidence of representation by providing the Corporation with letters from the voting member of the PPPC suppliers represented, confirming the contractual relationship between the applicant and the suppliers which are members in good standing

Membership Fees

Multi-line sales or marketing representatives pay an annual fee of $175* and can opt-in to any of the three “a la carte” options below:

For access to CPSA (Canadian Professional Sales Association) Benefits and Travel Discounts$199
For the right to exhibit in one’s own booth under one’s own name$105
For voting rights which permit one to vote on PPPC issues and to hold a position on the regional or national boards$158

*Taxes excluded *Fees are subject to change

Application Process

Processing of a membership application cannot commence unless all required items are submitted. An application must include the completed application form, a letter of reference from each Supplier member represented, a copy of the applicant’s business license and/or registration or incorporation document and full payment of the membership and registration fees.


Should all required items be provided, the applicant’s credit history be positive and the application be approved by the Membership Committee of the Board of Directors, the application is automatically accepted. Please note that if accepted as a member of the Association, the applicant is subject to a one (1) year probationary period.


Should an application be refused by the President or by members of the Membership Committee, the applicant may appeal to the Association’s full board. When an application is either cancelled or refused, the applicant is reimbursed for the payment of the dues received with the application.


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