Hall of Fame

PPPC 2022 Hall of Fame Award winner – Rosalind (Ros) Fraser Plummer

We celebrate the incredible life of Rosalind (Ros) Fraser Plummer. She is remembered as the person who lived for what she believed in. She was passionate, outspoken, and acted when things needed to be done or changed versus watching from the sidelines. It was just a moment for her, but it became game-changing for others.

This year’s Hall of Fame is a posthumous award presented to Rosalind Fraser Plummer from Clearmount for her service and recognition towards the industry and the association as a member for more than 20 years. She was involved with the PPPC as the Chair of a Committee on the National Board of Directors, was an active member of the Chapter Board, and attained MAS accreditation.

For years, Ros involved passionately and actively participated in the United Way’s annual fundraiser. She doubled contributions every year and, in her last year, raised over $100,000. She was the top fundraiser and event planner for Peacebuilders Canada, an organization that provides guidance and support for youth in conflict. She was also involved in the Canadian Medical Association (CMA).

Under the guidance of Ros and David Plummer, Clearmount grew from a small operation to a larger one. Ros played a critical part in their marketing and network-building initiatives.

Ros lived by the motto, “when you can, you give what you can, even if that’s just your time.” She believed life was stronger and better in service to others. Ros built a network of friends that she would do anything for, and they for her. This passion extended to the promotional products industry. The industry could only improve for her, and she worked hard to make it so.

Ros was a vital supporter of PPPC’s WEE event. She worked with Chantal at the time to create
a Canadian women’s event for PPPC after being an active participant and supporter of WLC for PPAI. She was influential in board support and team support in keeping the event going for years. She became a sounding board for many industry women through her involvement in WLC and WEE.

Those around her voice the measure of Ros’ dedication to helping others. A close friend credits Ros for giving her the confidence to ask for a raise and promotion. Another remembers Ros as someone who told her to embrace all that made her different and not hide who they were. She became a navigator for those looking to enter but not knowing how to enter the promo industry. She always took the time to listen to others and provide valuable advice.

When someone passes, it’s easy to look at all the big things they did and memorialize them for that. An inspiration to all who crossed paths with Ros, PPPC’s Hall of Fame is thrilled to induct her.