Hall of Fame

The Promotional Products industry has grown and prospered because of the creative spark and dedication of many. However, there are some individuals whose selfless efforts and devotion to the industry are monumental. It is these individuals to whom the Promotional Product Professionals of Canada give permanent recognition through induction into the Association’s Hall of Fame.

Review the guide below to learn everything you need to collect for this award’s nomination.
Please check the eligibility section below before you begin.

Note: Online nominations can be SAVED and returned to at any time before the nomination deadline.

Deadline for submission: June 30, 2022

Criteria & Eligibility


To be eligible for induction into the PPPC Hall of Fame, the nominee must have been a member of PPPC for a minimum of 15 years, and distinguished himself/herself through outstanding contributions to the Promotional Products Industry in Canada and in their respective communities. They must be people of good character who carry themselves with humility, honesty, and integrity. Hall of Famers are “Beacons in our Midst”.

Current members of the PPPC Board of Directors are not eligible. If a candidate has served on the Board, he or she must have been off the Board for four (4)

At the time of nomination, the nominator must not be employed by the same company or affiliate as the candidate; there shall have been a period of four (4) calendar years since the two were with the same company or affiliate.


Outstanding contributions to the Promotional Products Industry in Canada and to the community include but are not limited to:

• Association Involvement
• Personal/Community Involvement & Achievements
• Company Affiliations
• Other contributing factors

Nomination Procedure

Nominations received before the deadline shall be screened by the H.O. Judging Coordinator to eliminate ineligible individuals or incomplete nomination forms. The nominator must ensure accurate dates are entered that support the nominee’s activities for verification by the H.O. Judging Coordinator.

After verification, nominations will be forwarded to PPPC’s Hall of Fame Committee (members of the Hall of Fame) who will evaluate each candidate by means of a weighted points system allocated to each criterion on the nomination form. Candidates must score a minimum of 60 points in Section ‘A’ – INVOLVEMENT IN THE PROMOTIONAL PRODUCT PROFESSIONALS OF CANADA plus a minimum of 25 Points in Sections ‘B’ and ‘C’ combined, for a total candidate score of 85 points in order to be eligible for consideration. Each judge will submit his/her scores in strict confidence to the Judging Coordinator. Scores are not shared amongst the judges or divulged to any other party at any time.

The Judging Coordinator then informs the Hall of Fame Committee of the names of the candidates who have scored the required minimum aggregate score of 85 points of which 60 points must have been achieved in Section ‘A’. A conference call is then held by the Hall of Fame Committee members who participated in the scoring process to discuss the accomplishments of the qualifying nominee(s) to determine who best meets the criteria for induction into the Hall of Fame.

When the majority of Hall of Fame Committee members reach a consensus, the Chair of the Hall of Fame Committee then formally notifies the National Board of Directors in writing of the Committee’s final selection for induction into the Hall of Fame.

The Board of Directors then vote on the recommendation of the Hall of Committee. If accepted, the nominator and the nominee will then be informed of the good news.

Candidates who meet the minimum scoring requirements as outlined above, but who are not inducted, will automatically be reconsidered for induction in the next two years (for a total of three years) by the Hall of Fame Committee. After that period of time, if the individual has not been inducted, he/she must be nominated again before being reconsidered. Candidates who score less than the minimum required points will not be automatically reconsidered. They must be nominated again.