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  • Definition
  • Definition

    A distributor develops ideas for the use of promotional products as an advertising medium, buys such items from suppliers and sells them to advertisers, as its principal business or through a wholly owned subsidiary. A distributor carries its own accounts receivable, sells and bills completely in its own name and operates its own place of business.

Membership Requirements


Own or control a registered business enterprise, a division, department, affiliate or a wholly owned subsidiary, in which the majority of its revenue is derived from the buying of promotional products from suppliers and the selling of such merchandise to its arm’s length client base

(A copy of the registration must be submitted with the application)


be sponsored by a representative of at least three (3) PPPC Members.

Sponsorship forms and/or copies of invoices, from 5 arm’s length clients, for orders (excluding sample orders), dated within twelve (12) months of the application date must be submitted with the application


Provide a bank reference listing the name and address of the applicant's bank and business account number and the applicant must have an acceptable credit history during the past twelve (12) months with no record of bankruptcy in the last twenty-four (24) months


PPPC offers different levels of membership. The cost of your PPPC distributor membership is dependent on the number of employees that you have working at your organization. As a distributor member, you also have the option to pay in 12 equal monthly payments!



or $75/month



or $85/month



or $95/month


Application Process

Processing of a membership application cannot commence unless all required items are submitted. An application must include the completed application form, three (3) completed sponsorship forms from PPPC members and/or five (5) invoice copies issued to applicant’s end-user clients, a copy of the applicant’s business license and/or registration or incorporation document and full payment of the membership and registration.


Should all required items be provided, the applicant’s credit history be positive and the application be approved by the Membership Committee of the Board of Directors, the application is automatically accepted. Please note that if accepted as a member of the Association, the applicant is subject to a one (1) year probationary period.


Should an application be refused by the chair or by members of the Membership Committee, the applicant may appeal to the Association’s full board. When an application is either cancelled or refused, the applicant is reimbursed for the payment of the dues received with the application.

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